Road Trip, Vienna & Budapest

Hello and Welcome to another travel blog!

While the memories are still fresh in my head, I thought I would share with you my recent road trip to Vienna & Budapest. While writing this post I realized how much I enjoy writing about my travel experiences and I hope there will be many more travel blogs to come in the future 🙂

This was a bit of a spontaneous road trip with my brother, and also a very short trip, but we explored so much and created new memories which I am so excited to share and show you some of the things I really enjoyed seeing.

Only a 6 hour drive from Belgrade (plus an extra hour waiting at the border) is the beautiful city of Vienna. This is a city which has been on my long list of places I have wanted to see in my lifetime and I am so happy I got to go there.

Hofburg Palace, Vienna.

The city itself is beautiful with all of the historical old fashioned buildings that I just absolutely love. Other than exploring the main city center with the beautiful churches, shopping and cafes I really enjoyed visiting the Schonbrunn Palace and driving a little outside the city to a couple of villages where we found a castle and a massive park with of course another castle. These villages are only a 20 minute drive, so it was nothing too far away.

Schonbrunn Palace

You can find Schonbrunn Palace about a 15 min drive from the city. When we arrived I was absolutely amazed with the grandeur of this place. I have visited the Versailles Palace in Paris before, so much of the grand space reminded me of that. We brought the classic pass which gives you access to the inside of the palace and gardens. I have to admit the gardens were my highlight, it was absolutely massive. Believe it or not it took us 3 hrs of walking around to see just a quarter of the entire place. Just to put this in perceptive, the entire palace has about 1,441 rooms, we only saw maybe 20 of them. With the garden pass you get to explore the mazes and multiple view points which are not open for everyone. There is also a gorgeous cafe that you will find to the left of the gardens, this is where we sat and I enjoyed some Saher Cake.

Schonbrunn Palace Gardens
Schonbrunn Palace Gardens
Saher Cake
Schonbrunn Palace Gardens

My two other favourite spots of Vienna was the Modling village, near here is where we found the Burg Liechtenstein Castle. We actually found this by complete accident because we just had an idea to look up suggestions on Google Maps of attraction sites near by and this came up. Unfortunately by the time we got there, the place was closed but we got to see the outside of it and walked around the area.

Liechtenstein Castle

The next place we found was Schloss Laxenberg. This is the biggest park I have ever been to. There is a small entrance fee of 2 euros to get into this park. It once was a place for summer homes for the Habsburg dynasty, but now a park and event complex. It did take us a while to get to the castle on the water near by, as I said this place is massive and it was a little tricky to get around, especially when no English signs are in place, but we found our way. The best part was that we discovered you could hire a boat, and we absolutely had to. It was honestly such a nice experience, super relaxing and picturesque. It is really a lovely place to spend a day out and for me it should be on everyone’s top list of things to do in Vienna.

Schloss Laxenberg

Another 3 hour drive from Vienna, is Budapest! When we arrived to Budapest, I was amazed! A part of me also felt like I was in Istanbul, even though I’ve never been there I just had that impression. The city was filled with people, little hidden cafes and so much going on which is what I imagine Istanbul to be like. In Budapest we visited the Buda Castle, it is an absolutely amazing fortress I was blown away with how beautiful and clean it was. The Buda Castle was a palace complex of the Hungarian Kings. It is located on a hill, so for me it felt like a fortress with the view of the city across the Danube River.

Buda Castle
View from Buda Castle
Buda Castle

We spent a lot of our time walking around the city which is filled with side street cafes and restaurants. We visited the Shoes on the Danube as well which is a memorial to honor the Jews who were killed by fascist Arrow Cross militiamen during World War II. This was my first time visiting a memorial like this and it was very sad to see and to just even think about what those poor people went through. We didn’t get too have too much time here, but we did walk everywhere and the city is so lively, filled with so many shops, cafes, restaurants and many things to do.

Streets of Budapest
Shoes by the Danube

I hope I get to go back to Budapest one day to explore all of the other sights that we missed out on this time. Even though it was a short trip I am so happy to have explored and seen something new. In the past I have done some travelling but mainly to Paris, Italy, Croatia, around Serbia and Amsterdam, now I am looking forward to seeing other non-touristy places such as Slovakia, Slovenia and many other wonderful places which don’t always get mentioned.

I hope you have enjoyed reading some of my experiences, I do have other photos in my Instagram highlights which you can check out. If there is a place you have been to which you have found amazing let me know in the comments below.

Ciao for now 🙂